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New collaboration with writer and artist Eva Francová alias Kuchařka from Svatoján.
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When repairing antique and contemporary furniture, we place great emphasis on maintaining of the greatest possible authenticity of individual parts and details. Furniture renovation techniques are similar to those used a hundred years ago. Antiques are not only a beautiful addition to your interior, but also a very good investment.


Recycled wood furniture shows off the splendor of old wood and its patina tells a story. Each piece is a handmade design original. Recycled furniture will not only enliven your home but at the same time it will save a tree and nature.


Fully recycled furniture, which combines wood and metal, is not only sophisticated in its design but also variably functional. All the pieces we create are works of art interwoven with stories of recycled materials that will adorn your interiors and they are a great investment.

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Inspirational collaboration with writer and artist Eva Francová alias Kuchařka from Svatoján
Woodcock a Kuchařka ze Svatojánu
I have been following the Kuchřka from Svatoján on social networks for a long time. In addition to amazing vegetarian recipes, you will also find a philosophy that is close to me. So I approached Eva with an offer to cooperate, and she accepted. This is how the first pieces of amazing, painted furniture and our friendship were created. The furniture is renovated or made of used wood and has a story, each piece is single, beautifully artistically crafted, signed and for sale.
Serving tray made of floorboards and two parquets with a beautiful, signed painting of Kuchařka from Svatoján – 3 400 Kč
A century-old chair with strong story and a great, signed painting by Kuchařka from Svatoján – 6 500 Kč
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Daniel Tůma – 739 036 924
Workshop – the building of the former Pragovka
Kolbenova 923 / 34a, Prague 9, Vysočany

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